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I’m a music junkie and¬†former goth/deathrock/postpunk dj at Club ? (formerly ‘Sanctuary’) in Milwaukee for about 10 1/2 yrs or so. I dj’d every 3rd Saturday of the month for ‘bring out yer dead’ and the quarterly special all gothic event ‘Sinister Saturday’.

I’m currently responsible for Cathedral 13 internet radio which has been online since 06/20/02. ¬†Cathedral 13 is now listed in iTunes under “alternative” and continues to darken the airwaves a little more every day.

Cathedral13 is the main website with goth, deathrock, postpunk links, news, weekly track ratings, geographical listener statistics, interviews, etc…

Below are some other places to find info about Cathedral 13:

Cathedral 13 on Myspace Cathedral 13 on Youtube C13 Livejournal C13 on Radionomy C13 on Twitter C13 on ReverbNation C13 on Digg C13 on StumbleUpon C13 on Reddit C13 on Soundcloud C13 on Facebook C13 on bebo C13 on soundclick C13 on Discogs

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-Tom (c13)