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+ Merciful Nuns – Meteora VII special +

Tue ,26/08/2014

11:00 am (Los Angeles)
1:00 pm (Chicago)
2:00 pm (New York)
3:00 pm (Argentina/Brazil)
7:00 pm (London)
8:00 pm (Madrid/berlin/Paris/Milan)
9:00 pm (Helsinki/Athens/Bucharest)
3:30 am (Sat) (Adelaide, South Australia)
6:00 am (Sat) (Auckland, New Zealand)

+ Dark Obsessions XXXVI +

Sun ,22/09/2013

Dark Obsessions XXXVI w/dj13 is now available on Mixcloud. Click the photo to listen.
1 Gitane Demone – The Stars
2 The Cemetary Girlz – Funebra
3 Girl Loves Dead Boys – Coming Down
4 Schonwald – Mercurial
5 Sunfrost – Drinking (intro by dj13)\
6 Subterfuge – Only the Righteous
7 And Also the Trees – There Were no Bounds
8 Double Echo – Permanent Haze
9 Christine Plays the Viola – Whooshing Dissolution (intro by dj13)
10 .com-kill – .com-kill
11 All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve (2XT mix)
12 Anima Virus – Bed of Thorns
13 Ritual Reaper – Ancient Annunaki (intro by dj13)
14 Second Skin – Living on the Dancefloor
15 Liar in Wait – Faithless
16 Disjecta Membra – Danse Macabre
17 Joy Division – Shadowplay (intro by dj13)
18 The Cure – 100 years (studio demo)
19 Sisters of Mercy – Torch
20 Bauhaus – Slice of Life (intro by dj13)

+ 11 yr anniversary show +

Sat ,22/06/2013

Cathedral 13’s Eleven yr anniversary show is now available on Mixcloud. Thank you to everyone who contributed music to the show and has supported Cathedral 13 over the last eleven years.
1 ANKST – Cathedral (intro by dj13)
2 Dr Arthur Krause – Hanna is Safe
3 Double Eyelid – Spiritual Cramp
4 Silent Scream – With Friends Like These
5 Murnau’s Playhouse – Myopia (intro by dj13)
6 Les Fleurs Du Mal – Give Me a Smile (intro by Axel Grim)
7 Ritual Reaper – Cold Evil (Megaton Aftermath)
8 The Dead Souls – The Other Side
9 The Upperclasses – You Murder Me (intro by dj13)
10 Corpus Principium – Eternal Sleep
11 Horror Vacui – Desperate Adelia
12 Vidi Aquam – Forest Shout
13 Beyond the Eyes of Men – Icons (demo version)(intro by dj13)
14 Der Himmel über Berlin – Don’t take me home tonight
15 Yabanci – The Deep
16 Salvation AMP – Wake Up
17 Anima Virus – Pet Cemetary (intro by dj13)
18 Erato – Revolution (c13 mix)
19 Ikon – Reality (2013 Mix)
20 Lestat – Films
21 dj Oskar Terramortis – Guest Appearance by Oskar Terramortis
22 Entertainment – China Walls (unmastered album version)(intro by dj13)
23 The Eternal Fall – This Voices
24 Orcus Nullify – Too Much
25 Double Echo – Sylvia (cathedral13 mix)
26 Still Patient? – Mascara Osiris II (intro by Andy Koa & dj13)
27 Reptyle – Suffer (Spiritual Cramp Mix)
28 Remain in Light – Sheena’s in a goth gang
29 Whispers in the Shadow – Broken Arrow (into the arms of chaos out-take)
30 Arts of Erebus – Death Shall Have no Dominion (c13 special mix)(intro by dj13)
31 Merciful Nuns – Temple of Hadit (Ashley Dayour Mix)
32 Garden Of Delight – Libertas
33 Ahráyeph – De Regum AC Fures
34 Maniki – Sin Overdose (Dark Obsessions Mix)(intro by dj13)
35 In Loving Memory – Warsaw (Syborg Mix)
36 Katabazija – Chant of Maldoror (People Theatre’s Surrealist Mix)
37 Star Industry – Out of my Head (Leatherstrip mix)
38 Sweet Ermengarde – Prophets (intro by dj13)
39 Rot on the March – Go West
40 MATO(meandtheothers) featuring Bret Helm of Audra – We’ve got to learn
41 Split Image – Darkness
42 Dead Curtis – Again (reaching out)(intro by dj13)
43 Christine Plays the Viola – Leocadia
44 Delphine Coma – Exit Isolation (Shadowbunny remix)
45 Haflingerallergie – Medication
46 Lakes – Painted Wreath (intro by dj13)
47 Population – Blood and Ochre
48 The Daughters of Bristol – VCI
49 Shadow Image – Too Much (Piano Version)
50 The Devil & the Universe – Nod (intro by dj13)
51 Disjecta Membra – Cathedral (theta sessions mix)

+ New Girl Loves Dead Boys out now +

Wed ,27/02/2013

+ How to destroy angels – An omen EP +

Wed ,03/10/2012

Possible tracklist…

1. Keep It Together
2. Ice Age
3. On The Wing
4. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
5. The Loop Closes
6. Speaking In Tongues


+ The Daughters of Bristol – The Ave +

Wed ,29/08/2012


01 Monotone City
02 Labour Under Love
03 The Ave
04 Addiction
05 Auspice Numine
06 Don’t Tell
07 Sleight Of Hand
08 Wage
09 Mercy Machine
10 Die Like The Best

October 5th on Danse Macabre.  Click here to pre-order. 

The Daughters of Bristol website

The Daughters of Bristol on Facebook

The Daughters of Bristol on Bandcamp

Listen to samples here

+ New Chants of Maldoror, Please spread the word +

Sun ,22/07/2012

CHANTS OF MALDOROR official shared Chants of Maldoror third album release campaign‘s status.

June 23[IMPORTANT!] Dear friends, this time I’d like to know your opinion
whether it’s reasonable if CoM start pledge music campaign for the third album

The album needs professional mastering and it’s quite logical that the band
members are more motivated to invest money in their current projects than in
the past one.

So the question is are there CoM fans who are ready to invest money through
pledge music?

Please go to their page and comment, because now it really does seem
that the future of this album is in our hands!

+ Necromanteion 23 & Interview with Artaud Seth +

Tue ,06/12/2011

This Friday December 9th, make sure not to miss the 23rd Communion of Necromanteion with dj Oskar Terramortis.  It will feature an interview with special guest Artaud Seth of the Merciful Nuns.


Cathedral 13 is pleased to welcome

+ Necromanteion +
3:30-6:00 pm (Chicago)
5:30-7:00 pm (Argentina)
9:30-12:00 pm (London)
10:30-1:00 am (Madrid/Paris/Milan)

Oskar’s blog

Necromanteion Facebook page

DJ Oskar Terramortis on Facebook

Join the conversation w/the Nunhood

Merciful Nuns official site

Merciful Nuns on Facebook 


Mon ,14/11/2011


The Underworld, a place of fear, segmented into nine planes and ruled by 21 Lords. Artaud Seth, Jawa Seth and Jon take us on a descent into this unreal world. After the debut album “Lib.1” and its follow up “Hypogeum II” released earlier this year, the third long player of the MERCIFUL NUNS is now available: “Xibalba III”. Completely unphased by trends and inclination for ingratiation to the listener Artaud Seth in his role as mastermind behind the MERCIFUL NUNS continues to traverse his chosen musical path. Traditional Gothic Rock produced brilliantly not only in the context of present demands but quite simply seminal for timeless great music. Goth as a mixture of widescreen epic and massive walls of guitar sound, sacred choir chants, rattling drum computer and Artaud’s sepulchral voice permeating through every fibre of one’s body, at times plunging its intrinsic despair deep into the heart of the listener. And yet, even this does not adequately describe the musical workings of the NUNS. The primary objective is to ensure the survival of the Goth-Rock spirit of the 80’s and early 90’s into the modern era; to not only recollect the sound but also from a lyrical perspective, to recall the origins of Gothic culture. Hence we find in “Xibalba III” mythological themes in the foreground. Where do we come from? How long have we been occupying this Earth? Is there such a thing as Gods from outer space? Such questions and more await the listener. MERCIFUL NUNS are much more than just the sole legitimate successor of the three musicians’ legendary former band GARDEN OF DELIGHT! The NUNS have already attained cult status and must be regarded as seminal for intelligent listening pleasure!  (more…)

+ Miserylab – Void of Life +

Sun ,09/10/2011

+ Cauda Pavonis +

Sun ,09/10/2011

“Hello to all friends and fans.

If you know Cauda Pavonis, you’ll know that we have fought tooth and nail to hang on to our own individual take on music, philosophy and image. You’ll also know that in order to stick to our guns, we’ve financed the release of all of our material ourselves.

But times have changed and like so many other artists today we need financial support to make the next album a reality. And this is where you come in. This is your chance to be part of the next Cauda Pavonis release.

This is what PledgeMusic is about. We’re joining some really respected artists here who are putting the music first and bypassing the usual record company demands for conformity.

This isn’t charity. We’re not just standing here with our hands out expecting you to give something for nothing. You will see that we have a number of exclusive deals available and all you need to do is choose the pledge that you want from the available goodies and once we’ve reached target and recorded the album we’ll deliver your reward. Check out all of the options and pick the exclusive(s) that you want.

This is your chance to be part of Cauda Pavonis history. PledgeMusic is giving us the opportunity to raise funds to produce our music, our way for you. All you have to do is join in.

Thank you, in advance, for joining us in this venture. Together we can make the next album a reality without sacrificing that uncompromising edge for which we have become known.

10% of all funds raised will be going to The Forgotten Heroes charity – which is a cause pretty close to our hearts.

Come and join us on the journey to the production of the next Cauda Pavonis album.”


Su, Dave, Chris & Rob x

Cauda Pavonis official site

+ Gary Numan – Dead Son Rising +

Wed ,01/06/2011

+ Brett Helm of Audra releases debut single +

Tue ,12/04/2011

Brett Helm, lead singer for the band Audra, has released his debut single:  I’ve Wasted So Much Time.  It’s available as a digital single via iTunes and Amazon MP3 for only 99 cents. According to his blog “Life On This Planet” he plans to release a series of digital singles in the coming months, while work continues on a new Audra release.

I've Wasted So Much Time - I've Wasted So Much Time - Single


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