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+ Disjecta Membra +

Thu ,31/10/2013
Like Disjecta Membra on Facebook

Like Disjecta Membra on Facebook

If you haven’t checked out Disjecta Membra and liked their page you are missing out on an incredible band. Not only are they a great band but their song “Cathedral” is one of the inspirations behind the Cathedral 13 radio station name and we consider ourselves fortunate to call them our friends.  Please help spread the word, repost this and like their page to help show your support for one of the most underrated gothic rock bands around.



+ Dark Obsessions: six +

Mon ,19/11/2012

1 Necromanteion – Garden Of Delight (intro by dj13)
2 Joy Division – Exercise One
3 Angels Of Liberty – Kukulkan
4 The House Of Usher – Wrecked in Faith
5 Dronning Maud Land – One (intro by dj13)
6 Our Scars – Last
7 False Faces – New Life
8 Ex Voto – I’ll Wait forever
9 Dr Arthur Krause – Born in Russia (intro by dj13)
10 Interior Deus – Live & Die
11 White Wine – Pray Me
12 Götterdämmerung – Echoes of Despair
13 Killing Joke – Solitude (intro by dj13)
14 Lacrima – Caution Exhaust
15 Exedra – Calling in My Head
16 Colour Theory – Circles
17 Lebanon Hanover – I Love You (intro by dj13)
18 Also – Swan
19 Merciful Nuns – The Nazerene (intro by dj13)

+ Necromanteion 27: the best of 2011 +

Thu ,05/01/2012


This Friday January 6th, a special communion with the best of 2011.   3hrs and 40 mins show, with the best EP´s and albums of the year.
3:30-7:10 pm (Chicago)
5:30-9:10 pm (Argentina)
9:30-1:10 am (London)
10:30-2:10 am (Madrid/Paris/Milan)