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+ Dark Obsessions XLV +

Sun ,17/11/2013

Dark Obsessions XLV is now available on Mixcloud. Click the photo to listen.
1 Angels Of Liberty – Our Tears (intro by dj13)
2 Merciful Nuns – Antimatter
3 Sweet Ermengarde – A Promise to Fullfill
4 Among the Echoes – Hallways
5 Disjecta Membra – Death By Discothèque (intro by dj13)
6 Ankst – Better Than Me (Pretentious Moi mix)
7 Dead Curtis – Salvation
8 Lebanon Hanover – Invite Me to Your Country
9 Crown Of Jesus – The Sailor
10 The Bellwether Syndicate – All Fire (intro by dj13)
11 The Foreign Resort – Buried
12 The New Fabian Society – Barbarossa
13 Jessica 93 – Poison
14 Teenage Sin Taste – Someday
15 Johnathan|Christian – Haunted (intro by dj13)
16 Lost Echelon – Night Comes
17 Lovers Revenge – Waves of Depression
18 Disjecta Membra – Death By Discothèque (Leaether Strip Mix)(intro by dj13)

+ Disjecta Membra +

Thu ,31/10/2013
Like Disjecta Membra on Facebook

Like Disjecta Membra on Facebook

If you haven’t checked out Disjecta Membra and liked their page you are missing out on an incredible band. Not only are they a great band but their song “Cathedral” is one of the inspirations behind the Cathedral 13 radio station name and we consider ourselves fortunate to call them our friends.  Please help spread the word, repost this and like their page to help show your support for one of the most underrated gothic rock bands around.



+ Achromaticia expanded +

Tue ,18/06/2013

disjecta digital


Disjecta Membra’s 1997 album ‘Achromaticia’ can now be purchased for download from their Bandcamp page. This expanded digital edition of the album includes bonus tracks, and redesigned printable CD art.