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+ Merciful Nuns – Meteora VII special +

Tue ,26/08/2014

11:00 am (Los Angeles)
1:00 pm (Chicago)
2:00 pm (New York)
3:00 pm (Argentina/Brazil)
7:00 pm (London)
8:00 pm (Madrid/berlin/Paris/Milan)
9:00 pm (Helsinki/Athens/Bucharest)
3:30 am (Sat) (Adelaide, South Australia)
6:00 am (Sat) (Auckland, New Zealand)


Fri ,07/12/2012

Official trailer of the forthcoming album “Goetia V”. Order your limited 6panel DigiPak with oversize booklet in book format under

+ Merciful Nuns – Goetia IV +

Sun ,16/09/2012


– Ars Goetia
– Kybalion
– Valley of the Kings
– The Nazarene
– Saturn Calls
– Planets Collide
– Temple at the Dome of the Rock
– Love is Will Purified


+ Necromanteion 23 & Interview with Artaud Seth +

Tue ,06/12/2011

This Friday December 9th, make sure not to miss the 23rd Communion of Necromanteion with dj Oskar Terramortis.  It will feature an interview with special guest Artaud Seth of the Merciful Nuns.


Cathedral 13 is pleased to welcome

+ Necromanteion +
3:30-6:00 pm (Chicago)
5:30-7:00 pm (Argentina)
9:30-12:00 pm (London)
10:30-1:00 am (Madrid/Paris/Milan)

Oskar’s blog

Necromanteion Facebook page

DJ Oskar Terramortis on Facebook

Join the conversation w/the Nunhood

Merciful Nuns official site

Merciful Nuns on Facebook 


Mon ,14/11/2011


The Underworld, a place of fear, segmented into nine planes and ruled by 21 Lords. Artaud Seth, Jawa Seth and Jon take us on a descent into this unreal world. After the debut album “Lib.1” and its follow up “Hypogeum II” released earlier this year, the third long player of the MERCIFUL NUNS is now available: “Xibalba III”. Completely unphased by trends and inclination for ingratiation to the listener Artaud Seth in his role as mastermind behind the MERCIFUL NUNS continues to traverse his chosen musical path. Traditional Gothic Rock produced brilliantly not only in the context of present demands but quite simply seminal for timeless great music. Goth as a mixture of widescreen epic and massive walls of guitar sound, sacred choir chants, rattling drum computer and Artaud’s sepulchral voice permeating through every fibre of one’s body, at times plunging its intrinsic despair deep into the heart of the listener. And yet, even this does not adequately describe the musical workings of the NUNS. The primary objective is to ensure the survival of the Goth-Rock spirit of the 80’s and early 90’s into the modern era; to not only recollect the sound but also from a lyrical perspective, to recall the origins of Gothic culture. Hence we find in “Xibalba III” mythological themes in the foreground. Where do we come from? How long have we been occupying this Earth? Is there such a thing as Gods from outer space? Such questions and more await the listener. MERCIFUL NUNS are much more than just the sole legitimate successor of the three musicians’ legendary former band GARDEN OF DELIGHT! The NUNS have already attained cult status and must be regarded as seminal for intelligent listening pleasure!  (more…)

+ MERCIFUL NUNS – Infinite Visions DVD/CD +

Tue ,28/06/2011

video after the cut… (more…)

+ MERCIFUL NUNS – Ancient Astronauts ep +

Tue ,01/03/2011


6 panel digi pak edition.  Strictly limited to 2,000 copies!!!

Click here to purchase



Fri ,10/12/2010

“HYPOGEUM II – Before the Beginning, there was a Future. Pre order your copy now !”

more info after the cut… (more…)

+ Check out music from MERCIFUL NUNS +

Fri ,26/11/2010

A perfect soundtrack for these upcoming cold days and one of the impressive Joy Division classic ever, covered by the Nuns.

+ Merciful Nuns – God Aeon II +

Thu ,19/08/2010

Web music player



+ Merciful Nuns – Body of Light EP +

Sat ,17/07/2010

Less than four months after the release of their highly successful debut album “Lib. 1”, GARDEN OF DELIGHT’s only legitimate successor follows up with the “Body Of Light” EP to seamlessly continue where the debut album has left off.   (more…)

+ Merciful Nuns – THE LIGHTNING +

Sun ,13/06/2010

The Merciful Nuns are back from the studio with a  brand new track:  THE LIGHTNING

Be sure to check back soon for more details!

Click here to visit their official Myspace webpage

Visit the official US Lodge by clicking the picture below:


+ Merciful Nuns – Interview in English +

Tue ,06/04/2010


|  Alternative / Gothic

Members: Artaud Seth

Exclusiv Interview
As a special welcome gift for our first official MN Lodge in SOUTH AFRICA here the ENGLISH version of the interview Artaud has done for the German Lodge.

More Lodges
will be revealed soon! Your own official lodge? Info click here. Come in and join the NUNHOOD!

Body Of Light
The new single! Coming soon.

The Nuns live
29-05-2010 ATHEN, Gargarin 205 (FOTN+MERCIFUL NUNS)
18-09-2010 MADRID, 1st Gothic Festival
(more to come)
Artaud Seth